Enjoy your training French!

For who: non-French people OR French people (new)

Levels: total beginner to advanced (= 0 to C2)





1/French courses - all year - different programmes for foreigh people

-Small groups (5 to 8 students) year-round, from 2 to 4 classroom hours/week

-Intensive classes (see the language-learning programme details)
-Individual classes upon demand, year-round (all levels - refresher classes conversation - exam preparation)
-BRIGHT/TFI AND TEF - each month


International Testings + to obtain the French nationality

UELAS has been certified by ETS EUROPE to administer INTERNATIONAL TESTS and KANGOUROU PROVENCE, University of Cambridge and BRIGHT TEST

These tests evaluate the French-language abilities of people who wish to attend university or develop a career in France.

Modern and reliable exams.

The test evaluates students' abilities through a variety of real-life situations. The questions are in multiple-choice format.

Because it makes sense to re-evaluate one's language level every 2 years, the test results are not presented in definitive diploma form. Students can re-take the test as many times as they like.

The TFI is extremely reliable and has become the reference point for both French and international businesses, as well as for universities and for the French nationality...


You can sign up without having taking preparation classes, but you must plan on spending a half-day doing a practice test and grading. This can take place according to students' availability (often on a Saturday morning.


2/French courses - all year - different programmes for French people



Small groups

One To One

Intensive classes (see the language-learning programme section)


registration fee

-15,00 euro/H (Individual formation / students)

-22,00 euro/H (Formation continuous)

51,00 euro/H

55.00 euro/H (Formation continuous)

350,00 euro/SEMAINE

80,00-180,00* euros (according to test)

Annual memebership  : 15 euro / person

Participation teaching equipment : 15 euro / person

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Registration procedure

  • Language-learning needs interview with the Director (you must make an appointment)
  • Mini-test before the first class
  • Professional training contract to be signed/Estimate to be signed
  • Curriculum, schedule, session organisation and company regulations sent to UELAS


  • Since it is a language-training centre, UELAS meets all the necessary norms so that classes can be paid for as continuing education, DIF, or CIF for professionals or self-employed people. For more information, please contact your employer, your OPCA or UELAS.

The Director can help you to organise your application.

  • Students and individuals can pay for their classes in several instalments.
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