Other languages - all year (adults&children)

ENGLISH for professionals (also in Sisteron), ITALIAN for professionals, SPANISH for professionals, GERMAN for professionals, FLE, ARABIC, TURKISH, DUTCH, CHINESE...

Who: professionals, self-employed people, job-seekers, students...
Levels: Total beginner to advanced (= 0 to C2)




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A lot of languages - all year - different programmes :

  • The most popular, 20 classroom hours:

  • Small groups (5 to 8 students)

  • 2 hours/week

  • Evening or daytime classes, according to students' needs/availabilty

  • 2 to 3 different sessions/year (or more if necessary)

  • Custom-made programs for companies (special curriculum for use in hotels, tourism, administration...)

  • Custom-made intensive classes during public school vacations

  • Individual classes (all levels - refresher classes - conversation - exam preparation)

  • TOEIC preparation

  • TOEIC testing (1 to 3 times/year)

  • BULATS preparation (for English, Spanish, German and French languages)

  • BULATS testing (one to one, online)

  • Others certifcations : TEST ELYTE (Spanish) and WIDAF & WIDAF BRIDGE (German)


NEW ENGLISH CLASSES: for the younger crowd! - all languages



For English language for example :

We offer English classes in addition to the national curriculum with the goal of motivating students and helping them improve their language skills, which will surely help them in the future.

UELAS is not a tutoring service, but rather a place where students can improve their English with fun and interactive lessons.

Children learn languages easily, but we keep in mind the fact that each child is unique and learns at his or her own rhythm.

Quality of teaching and supervision are essential in the classes for the 5 to 10 year-olds:
The teacher and the Director are both present in the classroom.

  • Introductory classes for 5 to 10 year-olds (1.15 H/WEEK FOR 20 WEEKS)

  • Classes for 11 to 15 year-olds (1.5 HOURS/WEEK FOR 13 WEEKS)

  • Classes for high-school students (1.5 HOURS/WEEK FOR 13 WEEKS) with adults (better for them)

International Tests

TOEIC, Test Of English International Communication

UELAS has been certified by ETS EUROPE to administer INTERNATIONAL TEST.

This exam is the most widely-used and recognised in the world. It meets with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards. There are two test options: the TOEIC (for students in CEFR levels A2 to C2) and the TOEIC Bridge (for students in CEFR levels A2 to B1).

A modern and reliable exam

The test evaluates students' abilities through a variety of real-life situations. The questions are in multiple-choice format.
Because it makes sense to re-evaluate one's language level every 2 years, the test results are not presented in definitive diploma form. Students can re-take the test as many times as they like.
The TOEIC is extremely reliable and has become the reference point for both French and international businesses, as well as for universities.
In order to take the TOEIC, you need to register for the test with the Director of UELAS. A minimum of 4 students is required to set a test-taking date.
You can sign up without having taking preparation classes, but you must plan on spending a half-day doing a practice test and grading. This can take place according to students' availability (often on a Saturday morning).


TFI, FRENCH TEST FOR FOREIGH - to obtain the French nationality

small groups
(for young people and students)
small groups
(for professionals or self-employed people)
individual classes


registration fee

15,00 euro/H
18,00 euro/H 51,00 euro/H
140,00 euro*

+ annual membership fee = 10 euro

+ participation teaching equipment = 10 euro

formation continue

Registration procedure

  • Language-learning needs interview with the Director (you must make an appointment)
  • Mini-test before the first class
  • Professional training contract to be signed/Estimate to be signed
  • Curriculum, schedule, session organisation and company regulations sent to UELAS


  • Since it is a language-training centre, UELAS meets all the necessary norms so that classes can be paid for as continuing education, DIF, or CIF for professionals or self-employed people. For more information, please contact your employer, your OPCA or UELAS.

The Director can help you to organise your application.

  • Students and individuals can pay for their classes in several instalments.
Cours jeunes
Cours jeunes