L'Université d'Etudes et de Loisirs des Alpes du Sud (UELAS) is a nationally-certified language centre that specialises in the organisation and implementation of FLE (French as a Foreign Language) programmes. We received a national quality label in February 2008 and we have been certified by ETS Europe as a certified international testing centre (TOEIC and TFI tests) since 2006.

Why is continuing education important?

Knowing how to speak another language is becoming more and more important in our region of France, since many jobs involve working in tourism. In addition, nowadays people travel more often and farther afield, and it has become essential to speak English, since it is the number one international language. Unfortunately, many people think that they have no talent for foreign languages, but that's not true! Everyone can learn to speak another language, and UELAS can help you succeed!


Fun and interactive methods:

  • Real-life situations
  • Emphasis on the four core skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking)
  • Educational programmes custom-made according to your progress and your needs, in accordance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards
  • Great atmosphere and excellent organisation
  • Very small groups (5 to 8 students/class)
  • Specialised and attentive teachers

...and a Director whose door is always open!

What are you waiting for? Join us!
You can learn to speak English, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese or Chinese...

Official centre since 2000

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