With Betty FAURE and her teaching team, you'll learn with a smile
In Gap!!

Quality teaching and a pleasant atmosphere are what's important to us!



Official Centre since 2000

UELAS is dedicated to the world-wide promotion of French language and culture. It is well-known in Gap and in the "Hautes-Alpes" region as an official centre for French as a Foreign Language (FLE).

UELAS is part of the official network of FLE schools, and received a national quality label in 2008. UELAS signs a charter each year which guarantees top-quality instruction for their language learning programmes.

French and other languages

Thanks to its excellent reputation, UELAS welcomes students year-round who wish to improve or perfect their French.

Since 2006, UELAS has reached further afield by becoming a true language centre and developing professional English classes for the local population. In 2008, Italian classes for professionals were added, in 2009, Spanish for professionals, German classes for professionals, Arabic classes for professionals and very soon UELAS will offer Portuguese / Chinese classes for professionals... 17 languages!

-The TOEIC (Test of English International Communication) and the TOEIC Bridge - partner & agreement ETS GLOBAL

-TOEIC and TOEIC ONLINE - partner & agreement ETS GLOBAL


-WIDAF -  partner & agreement of la Chambre Franco-Allemande de Commerce et d'Industrie

-ELYTE - partner & agreement of la Chambre Officielle de Commerce d'Espagne in France

-BRIGHT- partner & agreement ETS GLOBAL

-TFI partner & agreement ETS GLOBAL

-TEF - partner & agreement KANGOUROU PROVENCE

N°Siret : 43493609200023
N°APE : 8559B
Centre linguistique enregistré sous le numéro 93 05 00630 05. Cet enregistrement ne veut pas agrément de l'Etat.
Association loi 1901.


Our slogan :

« Everything in French, and with a smile, please !"

Good reasons to choose UELAS

  • We take care of each and every student!
  • Students speak French from morning to night!
  • Students are supported and motivated by the teaching staff.
  • The educational approach is modern, communicative, and fun.
  • Students progress quickly.
  • There's a great atmosphere!
  • Our host families are excellent!
  • The Administrative and Educational Director, Betty FAURE, personally monitors the progress of each student.
  • After-class activites are chosen carefully.
  • The Director's door is always open!
  • The Director accompanies students on all the outings and activities.
  • Certified instructors are present during sport activities.